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«You've achieved success in your field 

when you don't know whether what you're doing is work or play.» 

Louis Pasteur

The purpose of team coaching is to help a team reach its goals in a more effective manner using coaching as well as team and project management tools; moreover, improved listening and greater respect of each member reinforces the synergy and optimises the maturity of the team.

Coaching helps clarify a positive and desirable goal to achieve, validate its global coherence within the team’s life, and identify and choose means to attain it. Moreover, it especially provides the motivation and extra energy needed to go from decision-making to planning, then getting into action.

Successful coaching is based on trust: the organization, the coach and each member of the team must operate with strong ethics. Respect of confidentiality is especially fundamental.

Expected results

  • Define an «ecological» objective for the team

  • Ability to align the decision-making with the team’s values and those of the organization

  • Deepening of the team’s synergy

  • Optimizing the team’s maturity

  • Build mutual trust within the team

  • Improved team work

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